Summer Earring Style

Summer Earring Style

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is about as effective as counting stars in the sky, seashells on the beach or sprinkles on an ice cream cone.


There are seemingly endless fashion selections that bombard us through social media, advertisements, celebrity endorsements, or that latest must-have sales broadcast. Exhaustively, we can all take a deep breath and agree that keeping up with the current trends is both time consuming and just about impossible!


At Pappagallo, fashion is at our core. We know that you don’t have time to waste, and it is our mission to help you make fashion not just a tiresome chore, but part of who you are! Our driving purpose is to help make sure that you aren’t just attempting to keep up with the latest fashion, but rather that you are the latest fashion.


Despite the ever-changing trendy glamour that flows through our doors on a daily basis, there is one staple that never goes out of style. What is this elegant, desirable accouterment you ask?




And more specifically, earrings. These eye-catching, mesmerizing statements capture your sense of style, radiate confidence, and demand attention. Earrings are such must-have essential components of any outfit that 2018 has been labeled as The Year of the Ear!


At Pappagallo we take jewelry and the perfect accessory for every outfit VERY seriously. What is more breathtakingly vibrant than complementing your stunning date night outfit, or confident business meeting dress with earrings that both match your unique personality and boldly capture the latest styles?


We believe that the right accent provided by the perfect pair of earrings from Pappagallo can help you showcase your vivacious sense of fashion and help turn any moment into your very own dazzling moment.


1. Staple Hoops 

Your outfit is always classy when paired with hoop earrings. We love these simple, silver hoops from Gorjana.

2. Elegant Florals

Feeling extra girly today? Check out our variety of floral dangles from Zenzii. The perfect touch to satisfy the feminine side.

 3. Flirty Tassels

We are obsessed with tassels. They bring out that flirty edge for your day and capture your fashion trends.

4. Bubbly Gold Dangles

Geometric earrings are IN! We cannot get enough of Gorjana’s collection.


Check out our favorite sets of earrings available in store today!